“Born to Knit” squares


I work for a Bank but they give us opportunities to do Volunteer stuff, and this came up on their Volunteer register recently:


The Save the Children Born to Knit campaign is about creating wool blankets, with knitted squares.  Each blanket is 16 squares (4×4) and each square needs to be about 20cmx20cm.  The instructions they have are for the following:

4mm needles, 8ply pure wool, 44 stitches x 88 rows

Because my knitting is quite tight, I am doing the following for the right tension:

4.5mm needles, 8ply pure wool, 44 stitches x 80 rows

I bought Cosy Wool from Lincraft in a green/cream/red varigated (for 8 squares) plus red (4 squares) and cream (4 squares).  My plan is that I hope I can get all 16 squares done, but if I can’t complete them the Save the Children foundation accept squares and will put them together with someone else’s to complete a blanket.

So far I have knitted 5 varigated squares.

I usually knit with acrylic, which can dry your hands out quite a bit after a while.  I’m not finding I have this issue with the wool – the issue is finding the time for knitting!  I really hope I can get a full blanket completed.




  1. I am intending to do a whole blanket. Does anyone know how many balls it takes. Finding 100% wool hard to find and quite expensive. Is it ok to crochet also? An 80cm square is quite quick and requires little finishing off My 90 yr old mum would like to do this. If a complete blanket is done, would 80% wool be ok? Jenny

    • I think for me I got about 4 squares for each of the balls of wool I bought – I think they were 100g balls. I will be doing this again this year. Questions about crochet and whether 80% wool are okay, I would recommend you contact ‘save the children’ and ask these questions directly, I cannot answer that.

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