Unfinished knitting projects everywhere!


I just had a bit of a wander around my house and took a couple of snaps of unfinished knitting projects.  Some were started LONG ago, some more recently, all have been set aside at some point when something else caught my eye.  It’s a sickness I tell you!

Dolly #1 is quite small and dainty, but sadly nude (half finished dress included) … Dolly #2 is a clown I think, hence the weird head – it’s part of a hat … Dolly #3 is quite big and cuddly – her trousers don’t fit right, I need to ditch those and create something else I think.

Blanket #1 is quite soft and lovely, I’m ashamed that I sat this down so long ago and didn’t pick it back up again.  I was making it up as I went, so it’s not as though I have to work out where I was up to in the pattern.  Blanket #2 has all the squares knitted but only half put together (and tails not sewn in).  I didn’t like the edges I put on the squares but didn’t really know how to proceed.

Anyway, that’s my tour of some unfinished projects … believe me, there are alot more in the house!




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