Getting serious about calories


So I exercised this week and I gained weight.  Why?  Because I ate plenty of food that is in the “eat less” category of every healthy eating manual there is.  Fish and chips one night, chicken and chips another, we had cake at work on Friday plus I had an unhealthy breakfast …  honestly, there is a longer list than this.  So yesterday I ate very poorly indeed, and I am glad that today’s scales are a proper wake up call.  I think in my head I’ve been justifying every single meal and calorie because I have been on the exercise bike five times this week.  But dude, it won’t balance out if you’re eating more crap!

Today we’re going to a birthday lunch at a TV chef’s restaurant – Hellenic Republic in Coburg.  It’s going to be several courses and cost enough money that I want to make the most of it and really enjoy it.  So my pledge is that from tomorrow, no more pretending that I can keep discipline without keeping a pen and notebook in my bag.  I am going to back to writing everything down, and my goal is to eat around 1,500 – 1,800 calories a day maximum and make sure those calories are as nutritious as I can.  This plus the exercise will reduce my weight at a slow and steady pace, which is all I want.  No crash diets for me.

If I find that isn’t doing the trick I’ll reduce it more, but I don’t want to make Dave’s life more difficult when it comes to planning dinner, and I don’t want to start craving everything I see because my brain thinks it is being starved.  That’s right, my brain, not my body – I’m well aware my body has been sending the wrong gluttonous signals for a very long time!  The “I’m full” signals are there, but my brain overrides them.  But I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on.  This isn’t devastating – I’ve known I’ve had these terrible habits for a long time, haha!

Lunch today will include a little bit of walking, because we’re meeting at Penny’s house and then walking to Hellenic, which is just over 1km, so that’s a good thing.  Tonight when I get home I want to do some studying and some riding on the exercise bike.  Tomorrow I start again in earnest, counting calories and doing this in a serious way.  It’s the Self Improvement Blog, I must start showing some improvement, not the opposite!



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