A day of good behaviour …


Tonight’s yummy hot drink is cooling in my very new mug given to me by Paul and Darren.

What’s that, Mr Mug?  You are feeling very plain and think hot liquid will help?

Well hello Mr PacMan and Ghosts !!!

Anyway …

My day has been full of good nutrition, and I rode 15.4 km on the exercise bike in half an hour.

  Kilojoules Calories
Breakfast:  Banana Porridge 972 232
Breakfast:  Coffee (skim milk, equal) 141 34
Lunch:  foot long Ham Subway on wheat, bit of Honey Mustard, lots of salad 2,350 562
Snack:  Mandarin 174 42
Dinner:  Chicken Breast with herbs and vegetables (corn, carrot, broccoli) 1,949 467
Dessert:  Vaalia low fat Vanilla yogurt 638 153
Drink:  Jarrah Chai Latte 272 65
(also had plenty of water, some sugar free soft drink) 6,496 1,555



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