Gym Verdict: so far so good


So I had my first visit to Contours today.  Very small, friendly, very structured in their way of going about things.  Basically they have one each of lots of different weight training machines around the room, and a little space in between with some hand weights and steps and stuff.  The idea is that you go in, warm up for three minutes on either a cross trainer or bike, then do two circuits around the room – machine #1, then cardio, then machine #2, then cardio, then machine #3 etc.

The cardio can be jogging on the spot with hand weights above head, or stepping, or boxing, or whatever.  You only spend 45 seconds at each “station” and your whole workout is 29 minutes once you’ve been around twice.  Today I was there for longer as I was shown how each weight machine worked, etc.  I’m going back Monday evening to do the circuit at proper speed, so my next session is already booked in!

If I allowed myself, I think I could get lazy and not push myself enough.  I was asked how I felt about each weight, and that’s what we went with – I used to have a personal trainer, and he would ask me how the weights felt, gauge how I was going and add several more!  So I think I need to make sure I don’t get too complacent about the weight, I know I could do more than I did today.  Also I wonder how they would feel if you went round three times on a day when feeling quite active?  I forgot to ask.

So yes, on its own I don’t think this gym is going to solve all my problems.  But if I combine it with the exercise bike at home plus plenty of walking, then I think I will build up my strength and cardio fitness and soon start looking at working towards trying to do some jogging.  Also this gym runs Zumba classes two nights a week, I could build my fitness up to be able to give that a go!  The important thing is that I felt a bit silly with using the machines for the first time, but it was a nice space, with very friendly staff, and I think I could feel comfortable there very quickly.  Also the price of membership per month is reasonable I think.

Verdict?  I’m going to get the most I can out of this 14-day free pass.  I think I will be very easily talked into a membership from there, which is a good thing.  The more variety I can put into my exercise, the better.


PS ->  my new shoes are fabulous and comfortable and bouncy


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