In this “Self Improvement” Blog I’ve talked mostly about my Health, my Weight … some focus on my Study … and Knitting. I haven’t really said much to you about what I do for a good number of hours every week, my Career. This is also a space that also needs improvement, because it has been a bit of a slump space for a while now.

I work in Banking – more specifically, in Wholesale Banking, in Operations, in Business Continuity. This is the role where recovery from Crisis, Disaster or Incident is the focus. I am in a very small team that is responsible for a few departments’ Business Continuity – documenting, planning, testing their response in the face of Critical loss of Technology, or loss of Building, or loss of Staff, etc. Pandemic planning (you should have seen the running around when the World Health Organisation had a major focus on Swine Flu H1N1 a couple of years ago for example) and all sorts of things.

Anyway, I have been unhappy for a while in this space. I’m really passionate about what I do, but I’m constantly having to try to influence people who are much more important in the organisation than I am. I’m also up against a huge amount of complacency, which is a cultural thing. Here in Melbourne we watch what happens in the world with great interest, even the local stuff, but with this mindset that “it will never happen here”. Riots in London, earthquakes in Christchurch, terrorist attacks worldwide, major flooding in Brisbane and even nearby in country Victoria earlier this year. All of it is discussed at length, but nobody really believes it could happen here. So asking people who are extremely busy to ensure that their plans are in place for Disaster and Crisis does feel like I am beating my head against a brick wall much of the time.

So I work hard, and I do a good job, but I voice my frustrations in front of the wrong people sometimes. I am invaluable to my business, but at the same time I am a thorn in their sides. It is an interesting daily battle, and one that does sometimes make me want to sit in the corner and sulk a little.

Through hard work and networking and perserverence, though, I have just managed to get myself a move out of this department and it is also a step up within my company. Out of Wholesale Banking and into the wider world of Retail, Wholesale, Business, Personal, all kinds of banking. So in a way I am moving out of a specialist and into a general area. However, out of Business Continuity planning focussing on all kinds of potential risks, and into purely Technology Disaster Recovery, so in a way I am also specialising.

I am still waiting for the managers to talk to the managers about handover dates, but I am hoping to start my new Career adventure in the middle of October. Just after that, my new team are doing a major Disaster Recovery technology test (a mock loss of technology for the whole bank, which is one of Australia’s major four banks) where they will test whether the backup Disaster Recovery Data Centre can be brought up to take over from the primary Data Centre. It’s a big major test and I will be the new girl on the team, observing, helping where I can, and running around learning lots. Previously I have taken part in these tests for Wholesale Banking – but from the Business side of things, not the Technology side. So this is going to be a brand new big challenge.

Career Self-Improvement here I come. What I am keeping in mind is that I need to work out how to not take my habits with me. You know the sort of thing that I mean? I have worked for this bank for seven and a half years now, and I have habits that I take from role to role, (such as voicing my frustrations to the wrong people, as mentioned above). I am going to try to focus on my work habits the way I have been focussing on improving my health habits (eating and exercise) and my study habits.

Wish me luck!




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