Slip Sliding a Little …


Yesterday for dinner I had a fish burger and fries, and we had delicious ice cream desserts.  Today I’ve found out another friend of mine also has a new job so she invited me to her celebratory lunch.  Chicken parmagiana, chips, couple of pots of cider …

I’m not even really struggling with these choices, which I think is my real concern.  My friend is coming over tonight and we will eat whatever we feel like, and I am not particularly worried about it.  In fact, I feel like I could eat and eat.

But tomorrow I will go to the gym.  Dave’s away until Sunday evening and I’ve got the house to myself so my weekend will be pretty quiet once Penny goes home tonight.  Organising good food won’t be too difficult, I’ve got homework and housework and stuff to do, so I can’t see myself going on a wild ice cream bender on my own.  I might even have a little drive and find myself a health food store and buy some quinoa to experiment with, as I’ve been promising myself for weeks.

But where will I find the will power to keep my calories down after the weekend?  I am not sure, I am starting to think I might have to stop kidding myself that Dave and I can eat the same meal for dinner each night and I can lose weight this way.  My calorie needs just aren’t the same, but my calorie habits are.  Does that make sense?  Oh, and I’m the one who suggested the burgers last night, and the ice cream dessert, this isn’t a case of me pointing fingers at someone else.

Pretty sure the scale will be proof of these slip ups on Sunday morning.



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