Sunday and Sunshine


Daylight Savings started today, so an hour went missing, but I didn’t sleep late.  I got up, weighed myself, ate some breakfast and put some clothes in the washing machine.  Then I cleaned the kitchen – including going through the pantry and throwing out some things that have been in there too long.  Then I spent an hour scrubbing the bathroom – it really needed it.  It honestly feels like an achievement, I hate cleaning so much.  After this I had a delicious healthy lunch – I was talking to Penny about my recent dislike of tinned tuna and she recommended sandwich slices so I gave it a shot.  It was really yummy!  Of course, all the other ingredients helped …

So now I have finished my lunch, have had a shower in my lovely clean bathroom and I’m relaxing with a cool drink.  Mr Biscuit is looking longingly out the window at the sunshine – after days of storming and rain, this is what the Sunday weather gods have produced:

Although the kitty is not allowed outside because of the very busy road and his likelihood of developing skin problems from the sun (very pale nose and ears, the vet supports my decision to keep him indoors) – that doesn’t mean I can’t put on some sunscreen and go for a walk!  In fact, I’m going to save this as a draft in case I see something else to take a picture of when I’m walking – I’m going to go over to the wetlands so perhaps there will be swans about!

* * * * *

Okay, no swans today, but I have to say I love the fact that the wetlands are so close to us, and you can go for a walk and forget you live 25km from the CBD:

Plus, although the sun was shining and all is well today, there is quite a bit of evidence we’ve had some rain – no chance to sit and admire my surroundings!

So until I came upon this little guy and couldn’t go any further because they’re digging up the dirt track to replace it with concrete, I was pretending that I was far from anywhere.

Hope you’re having a happy Sunday everyone, I have been enjoying mine!  Now it’s time to have a bit of a relax, I think.



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