Going the Wrong Way!


I have put on weight again this week.

Theories include:

* the bircher muesli I have been buying for breakfast is much higher in calories than I thought (I’m going to make some home made this week when I’m on holidays and looking at my ingredients, it is certainly going to be a small portion to keep within the right calories!)

* Friday night lots of beer and midnight toast when I got home

* last night eating lots of pizza with the boys was probably something to do with it

So I’m really embarrassed but determined that with two weeks off work now, I can take quite a bit of control of what I eat and do.  Also with so much housework planned and other things, I will hopefully be moving around more than when I sit in front of the computer all day!  We’ll see what happens, eh?

Today my plan includes a trip to the gym.  But first coffee and toast.  I’m determined to achieve some little things today that will make me feel like I am getting started with my holiday self improvement plans.  Yesterday I was very lazy indeed, but I enjoyed it and … well … the pizza was delicious.  Honestly, I knew today that the scales were going to be completely honest with me.  But did they have to be quite so honest?






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