Home Improvement equals Messy House


Mum was here from lunchtime yesterday until about 3pm today.  We have been going through the main living/dining and her spare bedroom and making up boxes for the Opp Shop, the rubbish, and to store here in a better way.  The space looks crazy at the moment, still alot of work to do.  It’s not one that we can do lovely before and after photos though, because so much of it is clearing out cupboards and things, so not very visually interesting.

I have found some crazy things – a violin (my sister’s), a saxophone (mine, I haven’t touched in 15 years) and all sorts of things.  Mum has packed up a couple of boxes of stuff for my sister, which helps clear out the clutter!  So many households of stuff in one house – now that Mum’s in her little flat I can hardly stomp my feet and demand she removes her stuff immediately.  At least we’ve come to an agreement on some of the furniture and stuff that I don’t like, I now have permission to get it out of my house.  No garage or ebay sales though, I think the Opp Shop deserves to make some money out of it for those who need it more than I do.

Last night because Mum was here and because I was on holidays, I was speaking to Dave about what I might cook for dinner and he suggested roast pork.  So we had a big roast dinner with all the trimmings (including crackling, yum).  Today with Mum still here I decided to bake a big loaf of bread for fresh yummy lunch and of course I ate huge slices of it.  I love freshly cooked bread.  So I’m hoping that sorting out the house is burning lots of calories!  We’re going out for dinner tonight, and today I haven’t done any deliberate exercise.  But yesterday I burnt 360 calories on th exercise bike in the morning, and tomorrow I’ll go to the gym again.

I’m really enjoying having this time off work, I feel like I’ve already achieved plenty.  I have to sit down and do a mid-semester open book test for statistics on Friday here at home.  So tomorrow as well as tidying more of the house and going to the gym, I need to do some catch up study so I don’t mess that up.  I’m not liking statistics at all, but that should mean that not wanting to repeat the subject is motivation in itself!  I need to get cracking.  (I nearly wrote crackling again … mmm … salty, crunchy and delicious)



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