Sneaky Subtotals


The thing about being on leave from work is that I am exercising when it is my preference to do so, which is morning, an hour after breakfast.  This isn’t possible when working because I just don’t like getting up that early!  But it also means my before-lunch subtotal on MyFitnessPal looks particularly awesome:

That’s right, you can eat anything you want for lunch, Sandi !!  Net calories negative.

Trouble is, yesterday it was the last thing I ate that tipped me over into net calories of more than I should have eaten.  Yes, we were on the way home from a not particularly healthy dinner and I was thinking about that fabulous jogging I had done that morning and I requested dessert.  A double fudge McFlurry from the drive through window, savoured when I got home.  Only …  if it weren’t for that …  my calories wouldn’t have looked like this …

So this is NOT allowed to happen today!




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