“Songs for Dad” – Post a Week Challenge #4


My Dad instilled in me a huge appreciation for music – both by discussing it at length, by playing his guitar, and by making sure that I learnt to read music and play piano.  Not as a pushy show parent that wanted me to perform for others, but for as long as I enjoyed it he encouraged me.  I kind of wish I had the patience to re-learn to play my piano, or perhaps another instrument.

Here are some of the songs I made sure were on a playlist at his memorial service earlier this year, songs that he loved.

  • Billy Bragg – Levi Stubbs Tears
  • Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll
  • Pink Floyd – Money
  • Heart – Magic Man
  • Deep Purple – Highway Star
  • The Who – My Generation
  • Joni Mitchell – Chelsea Morning
  • Judy Collins – Send in the Clowns
  • Bob Dylan – Hurricane
  • Billy Joel – For the Longest Time
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Joe Jackson – Breaking Us In Two
  • The Police – Roxanne
  • The Rollings Stones – Angie
  • Blondie – Atomic

These are only some of the songs.  I’ve been listening to this playlist quite a bit, along with others.



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