Today is a New Day


Yesterday I exercised (tried running again!) but I ate lots of crap food, and had some wine, and …  well, I’m just not really tracking this stuff properly.  I think I can get into the swing of this exercise thing, because I’ve paid for the gym membership and that motivates me.  Also the exercise bike is right in front of the TV at home.  But food?  Food is a problem for me, I want it all, and I am not talking about all the veggies, I’m talking all the chocolate and chips.  After the boys were all here on the weekend there was a packet of Doritos sitting around, and I sat down on Monday and ate the whole thing.  That was 912 calories in one sitting!  I don’t even want to calculate the salt and all the rest.

So this morning I reset some goals (reduced my calorie goal to 1800 max) in the My Fitness Pal application/website and am pledging to record what I eat and do today properly, and tomorrow, and continue on.  Dave’s working late tonight so we’ll be having a late dinner, but it will be a healthy dinner, yummy lean meat and steamed corn on the cob with steamed broccoli.  For breakfast I had lovely grainy toast.  So that just leaves a good decision for lunch, and something to tide me over at about 4pm so I can wait until 8:30pm for dinner.  I know they say grandmas like to eat dinner early, but if that is the case, then I eat like a grandma usually.

The home improvement continues, the house still looks trashed but I’m getting there.  Defrosted and cleaned out the kitchen fridge last night.  This morning I’m going to defrost and clean the back fridge, but I’m not switching it back on.  There’s an environmental boost, and also hopefully a power bill reduction.  Today my tasks will include mopping the kitchen floor, hauling some more furniture around, and more tidying – calorie burning activity!

I hope you’re all enjoying your week.



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