New Job: It’s Weird to feel Hopeless Again!


It has been such a long time since I started a new role, that I forgot what it was like to be the Know-Nothing-N00b!

I’ve spent the better part of the week sorting out my email migration (different parts of the bank use different email programs, it’s a bit crazy) and other stuff.  Today I actually did get some productivity happening, but I really don’t feel useful just yet.

This is not a whinge!  I think it’s exciting to be out of my comfort zone.  Earlier in the week when I had no working systems it was frustrating and boring because I was absolutely no help.  But once I got some of that stuff sorted out, and started being able to learn and help, it was kind of fun being the new girl.  Also – today I got to wear casual clothes, which I will now get to do every Friday!  Small things add to my thrills, it is true …

So my week has been an exercise in patience and discomfort.  Soon I will hopefully get to sit down and draft up a little development plan to decide what I need to prioritise.  Learning on the job is a great way to learn – I am better at learning by doing than reading.  But I do have some procedural documents to have a look at, and now that I have access to everything I can muck about looking at various files and databases as I go.  Just remember – when learning – “read only” is your friend!  No I do NOT want to save my changes, thank you very much.




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