By My Next Birthday …


So I’ve been thinking about where I see myself by my next birthday.  March 21st, 2012 – it’s a short enough time that I can set myself some goals and see how far I can get with achieving them.  Now these are my selfish, self improvement goals.  Of course on my 33rd birthday I see myself still in love, enjoying my friends and family, and doing more than ticking boxes on a list.  But I still think I want to have a list, so here goes!

# “Category” By the time I turn 33 on March 21, 2012 I want to … How am I tracking?
01 Uncategorised … still be blogging about my Self Improvement projects and thoughts
02 Study and Smart Stuff … complete and pass subject STA103 Foundations of Statistics (exam November 28th)
03 Study and Smart Stuff … complete and achieve at least a Credit grade for subject SSK13 Learning and Communication Behaviour (exam will be end Feb)
04 Study and Smart Stuff … enrol in subject PSS120 Introduction to Psychology 2 for semester 1, 2012 (begins early March)
05 Health, Fitness and Weight … weigh less than 130 kg (286.6 lb) and still be working toward my goals, eating good food and exercising regularly
06 Health, Fitness and Weight … have completed the C25K program and therefore be able to jog 5km without stopping
07 Health, Fitness and Weight … have had a couple of personal training sessions and be confident using the weight training area in my gym
08 Health, Fitness and Weight … be working towards building up my core strength using plank exercises, basic pushups, etc.
09 Health, Fitness and Weight … still be working on improving the variety of good, healthy meals that I can cook so that we continue to be less tempted by take away!
10 Hobby Projects … paint a big picture on a canvas and hang it in my hallway
11 Hobby Projects … learn more about playing Warmachine and have finished assembling and painting my Protectorate of Menoth Battle Box pieces (warcaster, two heavy warjacks, light warjack, cinerator unit)
12 Hobby Projects … have sorted out all my unfinished knitting projects and started completing some, pulled out those that I know I won’t finish, and know what I’m going to do with the “maybe” pile!
13 Volunteering … be building a mentoring friendship with a “little sister” on the YWCA Asista Mentoring program, including going on fun outings and creating activities
14 Home Improvement … have built the two bookshelves that have been sitting in flatpacks in my house for at least four years, and be using them!
15 Career … be competent in my new job, and be a valuable independent member of the Service Continuity team
16 Career … be an integral part of the March 2012 Disaster Recovery test
17 Career … have completed the “Kaizen Champion” training in December and started looking at ways we can improve efficiency in our processes at work
18 Budget … have more of an idea about where our money goes, what we spend it on, and not necessarily have a formal budget in place, but be managing things better
19 Budget … reduce my credit card balance to at least $2,000 less than it is right now
20 Budget … completely pay off my computer

I don’t want to really blog about budget and money, especially not specifics, but I still wanted to add those goals in to tick off.  I’ve been using an iphone app to track my spending for the last month, and it’s definitely giving me some ideas about where our money disappears to when I’m not paying attention!  I would love to get some of it under control a bit more, but it’s not going to be a big blog focus.

So what do you think of the list?  Am I being too easy on myself, too hard?  I think some of these things are very achievable, for some others I’m really going to have to push myself a bit more, but that’s the point.  I put in the “how am I tracking” column because I’m hoping to re-visit this and tick a few things off every month or so, and put an update post in here so you can see how I’m getting along.





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