Yesterday I started to get myself back on track, eating pretty well, and riding the bike for a little while last night.  Today I need to really start tracking everything again and putting the effort in.

  • I am eating home made bircher muesli for breakfast, much healthier and cheaper than cafe bought …
  • I will have a healthy lunch, perhaps a felafel wrap …
  • We have planned marinated lamb (grilled) with potato and corn for dinner …
  • Having not been to the gym since Thursday 17th, tonight I must go …

These are my pledges and promises for today, Friday.  I’m drinking water with my breakfast, and when I feel peckish mid-morning that is when I will treat myself to a skinny latte, without sugar.  That will be my only coffee for the day.  If I have 3:30pm belly grumbles I will have a cup of tea then.  Snacks are not necessary!  Water bottle must be kept refilled!  Commando-trainer-imaginary-friend demands discipline!



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