Responsible Junk Food Advertising


So I see a lot of comments, complaints, discussions in the media about junk food advertising.  Mostly this has a focus on the ads selling junk food during children’s television shows, etc.  There are rules and regulations being added all the time, and free-to-air television channels in Australia have been fined and had other remedial action brought against them.

Today I have logged onto My Fitness Pal.  Now, it’s fair to say this is a website pretty much developed and marketed for people like me who are obese and want to get that under control.  But what is this Groupon ad at the top of my screen telling me?  I can get deals of up to 70% off burgers!  Donuts!  Ice cream sundaes!  Great, let’s go!

Lucky I already think these daily deal websites are a consumer letdown waiting to happen, so I don’t even bother with them.  But honestly, I’m not saying let’s ban everything, but shouldn’t there be some sort of self regulated ethical code that would make someone think twice before posting this ad?


PS-> I’m also posting this to show off – look how well I’m doing today with my calories and exercise!


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