Unexpected Results – Must Hang Onto Them!


This is how the week panned out:

  • Sunday, weigh in, junk food for lunch, more calories all day than I should have eaten.
  • Monday, normal day of eating, but didn’t count calories I don’t think.
  • Tuesday, heaps of junk food all day.
  • Wednesday, okay during the day, but had chocolate cake for dinner.
  • Thursday, I was horrified and started to reign it in.  Ate okay, rode exercise bike a little bit.
  • Friday, I recorded everything I ate, counted calories, and rode exercise bike.
  • Saturday, I recorded everything I ate, counted calories.

My expectations were not good when I stood on the scale this morning, and yet I have an unexpected result – a weight loss of 1.5kg.  This seems pretty crazy, and so instead of relaxing, my thoughts are that I need to hang onto this and possibly better it, only by sticking to my plans this week.  Recording my eating and activity, counting my calories, and getting some proper exercise in!

Last week I went online and ordered a decent little pedometer, and I’m going to start wearing one daily again and trying to aim for 10,000 steps a day.  When I was taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge, 4km on the bike converted to 1,563 steps so I’ll use that to convert any exercise bike activity.  (1km swim = 4,560 steps but I don’t see myself hitting a pool too soon, just recording it here while I’m looking at their website, just in case).  So I hope my pedometer arrives in the mail nice and quickly, I’m expecting it Monday or Tuesday!

Today is Sunday, and we are going shopping for Dave’s new computer (mine is paid off now, yay!) then I am going to fit in both study and a trip to the gym.  Which means I better stop this typing and go and do stuff!




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