Where is my Knitting Mojo?


I was talking with one of my colleagues about knitting yesterday, and it turns out she knits toys as well!  Which is very exciting, and she was thrilled at the idea that we can possibly swap patterns and tips and enthusiasm.  But she did ask me what I’m working on at the moment, and I had to confess … not much.

All those unfinished projects I put a post up about months ago?  Still unfinished.  That funny green and cream striped toy that I designed and started?  I wasn’t very happy with the body that I knitted, I wanted it rounder and was going to start again but never got around to it.

Frankly, I’ve been a bit slack.  I’m happy with the things that I’m focusing on at the moment, don’t get me wrong.  Study, health and fitness are going to be priorities, and that is okay.  Also as of yesterday we hit summer, which means knitting is not going to be as appealing for a little while.

My knitting enthusiasm is always something that comes and goes, depending what else is going on around me.  I wonder when it will come back?



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