Busy Saturday


I’m sitting here having a moment of quiet before the day turns crazy busy.  Dave has just been picked up by our friend to head right over to the eastern suburbs to game all day.  Me, I’m taking my “little sister” to see the Myer Christmas windows and to have some lunch in the city, I am going to go pick her up in a couple of hours.  Later today I will be dropping her off at her Uncle’s (not sure of the address yet) then trying to get home in time to catch the train back into the city to meet Dave and two of our friends, and be in the gates of a stadium by 6pm to see Foo Fighters, Tenacious D and a couple of other support acts!  Fingers crossed this afternoon doesn’t turn into a bit of a ‘running late all day’ kind of a thing!  I’ve kept just my ticket and given Dave the other three in case it does.

Oh, and before I head out I want to wash at least one load of clothes and do some bits and pieces, and … secretly I would really like to try to put up the Christmas tree, but I don’t think I’ve left myself enough time.  Depends how quickly I finish this blog entry and get up off my butt.

Yesterday when I left work it was early enough that I caught a tram to Dave’s work and went home with him.  So that meant not catching the train home and not walking home the long way around the block.  So after dinner and some TV I looked at my pedometer and it was on just under 6,000 steps.  I looked at the clock and it wasn’t yet eight, the sun was still awake, and so I decided to do that walk around the block anyway.  Dave came with me, which was lovely!  So I went to bed with just under 10,000 steps and was cheerful about that.

Tomorrow morning is my official weigh in but I did sneak onto the scales this morning and it is looking good, people, very promising!




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