Overeating and Consumer Behaviour


I’m sensing a bit of a pattern here, where I have just a week of good behaviour, decide I’m all on top of this thing, and then get tired and discouraged in some way.  It’s all self inflicted, and I’m ready to start again tomorrow.  But it’s the end of Friday and I have been eating very poorly today, in fact have possibly doubled my calories that I should have eaten.  I have worn my pedometer the last few days but not pushed myself to 10,000 steps.

Today I got a bit of study done, I’m researching my first essay for my new subject, SSK13 Learning and Communication Behaviour and the topic is all about consumption, and how in our modern Western society we do not produce to find our identity, we shop.  Shopping, shopping, shopping.  I was reading all these articles I found and feeling all fired up that I should consume less, that I am living a wasteful life.  Then I got a phone call to tell me that my new couches have arrived in the shop ready to be delivered, and I had a huge amount of excitement and guilt all at once!

A bit like an ice cream sundae, huh?

Haha!  Anyway, I’ll get back on track, but I don’t have high hopes for this Sunday’s weigh in.  It’s been hot this week, and I hope to sleep well tonight, as the cool change doesn’t seem to have come through yet.  Or if it has, it’s staying outside the house.



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