Christmas Plots and Plans


Today is my last day at work before my Christmas break, and so I am plotting out the next few days to get everything organised.


After work, my friend Dee and I are going to get a manicure and pedicure, something I have never ever had done professionally!  Penny has done my nails before and played manicure with me, but I never let other people near my feet as a general rule, so am not sure what to expect.  I’m ticklish for a start!  So of course I have to think about what colour polish I would like on my toes and fingers.

I also would like to make it to the gym tonight, but with nails appointment at 4:30pm and Dave working late, I shouldn’t have trouble making that part of my plans.


Tomorrow Dave isn’t working either, and we’re going out for dinner with our friends and going to see The Terminativity, which is a musical play mash-up of the nativity story and Terminator!  I can’t wait, I expect it to be very funny indeed.

This means Thursday during the day is time for housework.  Kitchen and dining area need a good clean, and the house needs a vacuum.  Not exciting, but necessary when your Mum is due to visit for Christmas Eve!  Our dining table was turned into the gift wrapping table and it would be nice to decorate the room a little bit more than just the Christmas tree …


Friday I have all sorts of things planned.  A doctor’s appointment at 8:15 (nothing dramatic just renewing a script), I’d like to follow that up with a visit to the gym, then either squeeze in my Christmas grocery shopping before my 1:45pm hair appointment, or do it after my hair is fabulous.  Friday evening, weather dependent, Dave and I thought we might go over to Altona beach and have some fish and chips and go for a long walk along the foreshore to stretch our legs.


Saturday is Christmas Eve, and a big foodie day for me!  I am going to make a cookies and cream cheesecake for the next day, and also bake a batch of banana cupcakes.  Mum is coming to our place for dinner so my plan is to do a roast chicken, roast vegetables and salad.  Also wondering about a dessert option, but I’m thinking it will end up being banana fudge cupcakes with a little bit of custard, in lieu of pudding!  Before I go to bed I’m going to set the bread maker on a timer so that I can pull out my first loaf of bread first thing Christmas morning.  Oh, and Mum is staying over, so we might have a glass of wine or two …


Christmas Day will be pancake breakfast and opening some presents!  Then I want to decorate all the cupcakes with choc fudge icing, and make them look like little Rudolphs (jaffa noses and pretzel antlers).  I’ll be baking another loaf of bread, then Mum will be heading off I think to catch up with my sister before going home and working night shift on Christmas night.  Dave and I will be collecting up the desserts and breads and heading to pick up Paul (Dave’s brother) and Darren on our way through to Dave’s family Christmas lunch over in the eastern suburbs.  I had a look at where we’re going, to his cousin’s place, and we’ll be on the road for well over an hour.  So I need to also make sure my esky is well set up to keep the cheesecake happy and cold.


Monday I have planned nothing, and I plan to do not much!  Hooray for public holidays and the beginning of another week off work!  That week I’ll be working on an essay for my study, working on my fitness, and working on whatever I feel like working on.  Lots of time for play, too!

Hope everyone’s Christmas plots and plans are going well …



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