One Light Meal Doesn’t Mean I’m Quite On Track Yet!


Today has been so very lazy.  It is well after dinner time and my pedometer has only 2,349 steps on it and I’m thinking about whether to go for a walk once it is properly dark.  It has been so very warm, the only time we left the house was to go for a drive to Subway.  I weighed in this morning, am about to update my weigh in page reluctantly, as I’ve put on 1.1kg this week.

Breakfast was peanut butter on white toast.  Lunch was left over roast pork on white bread, plus some more slices of bread and butter.  My friend Mat was here to visit, and I ate a fruit and yogurt icy pole and a slice of bread with Nutella during the afternoon.  So I had eaten far too much highly processed bread today when we decided we were going to have Subway for dinner.  Subway was about being more healthy, so I decided to make the decision to skip the bread and have ham and salad with honey mustard dressing and water.

Yes, delicious and fresh and tasty …  but not long after I followed it up with a Maxibon ice cream.  So, one light meal doesn’t mean I’m quite on track yet.  But I know it has been an extremely lazy start to the year, and I’m okay with that.  Tomorrow I’m going to go to the gym, the temperature is meant to reach 40 C tomorrow, and that is going to really wipe me out.  Gym will be an early trip, and perhaps we’ll escape to an air conditioned cinema or something in the afternoon.  Then back to work on Tuesday!  A return to work will bring a return to routine, including a walk with Cynthia in the afternoon.  It’s going to be another hot day, so hopefully we can find somewhere shady to tread the city footpaths!




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