Study Results, Budgets and Keeping Records


First I need to have a little brag, I think I forgot to do so on Christmas Eve when I got my results for my Statistics subject.  I didn’t just pass … I didn’t even get a Credit – I squeezed into a Distinction by 2 marks!  That’s right, my dreaded, hated subject and I got a pretty good mark!  Such relief and cheerfulness, I can tell you.  Now I need to get stuck into my essay that is due on January 8th so that I can keep up this momentum.

Because I have been on leave for a week and out of routine, I stopped recording all our spending just before Christmas and just looked at the iPhone app again today to try to catch it all up again.  Anything that I did that has banking attached, such as cash withdrawals, or transactions on my debit and credit cards is easy enough to work out.  What blows my mind is that in the space of just over a week, so much cash can go walkabout with absolutely no recollection of what I spend it on.  I’m sure most of it was take way food, too, which is even more brain twisting.

So I am going to get back on track and record daily what I’m spending, because I think it can help me keep my health and eating on track by being aware of how much money I spend on less than healthy options for food.  Of course, my budget planner won’t distinguish between Subway salads and KFC chips, but it’s still another tool to help me.

Budget food, budget money, budget everything.  Everything?  Well, at least I should KNOW what I’m doing, and remember what I did yesterday, that is a good start.

So I will confess to having chicken and chips and ice cream yesterday for dinner.  But we did do healthy breakfast and lunch, which is good.  Today has been healthy for both breakfast and lunch.  I’m thinking about going back to recording everything I eat in MyFitnessPal again, but I do find it frustrating that I have to guess at so many calories for food, because of course not every food is going to be in there.  For lunch today I had lovely salads from cafe downstairs, and there is no way of knowing what the calorie content of that was, for example.  But it was fresh and delicious, and that counts for something.

So perhaps MyFitnessPal isn’t the answer, but perhaps I need to go back to my good old fashioned pen and paper.  Even if I don’t know the calories, writing down what I’m eating each day does help me make the right choices.  Something to do in the new diary I got cheaply when we were shopping on Boxing Day – there you go, there’s where some of that cash went $5 for my 2012 diary!

What’s in your 2012 diary?  Mine is untouched, it’s time I took the wrapping off and started looking at my plans for this year.





  1. Congrats on statistics, I am completely dreading my upcoming semester, I am taking statistics and I stink when it comes to math. I completely understand the frustration at having to count calories and guess the value when you have no info. It is almost a guessing game.

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