Today Has Been Excellent!


The weather has cooled to perfect sunshine and refreshing breezes, and so after work when Cynthia and I met up, I was quite happy to keep walking for two hours!  My pedometer is telling me I have been a very active person today indeed – when I left work it said only about 3,000 steps and now it says 15,511 – that’s 10km of walking, most of it between 5pm and 7pm at a good pace!  Lots of gossip and fun, and I observed that so many people look funny when they run (we were walking around “the Tan”, a popular walking/running track around the Botanic and Domain gardens.  Not in a mean way, but in a “if most people look funny when they run, who cares if I do?” … I’m not a runner yet, of course.

Also I made all good food choices.  Dave has just headed to the fridge to raid the post-Christmas chocolate and I said “None for me please!” and yes, I know, it’s just one day, but what a great day!  I’ve even had more than 2 litres of water.

What Did I Eat? How Do I Rate My Choice? Emote it!
Breakfast: Bircher Muesli Good 🙂
Breakfast: large Skim Latte with artificial sweetener Good 🙂
Lunch: Salmon Sushi and Seaweed Salad Excellent 😀
Afternoon: Grainy Bread Roll with Butter Good 🙂
Dinner: Subway Ham Salad with Tasty Cheese, Honey Mustard Dressing Excellent 😀



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