A Day for Hobbies


Today (after the gym, whee!) we went to club and I played my second ever game of Warmachine.  I played against a guy called Dave (not my Dave) and he coached me through the game and helped me to beat him!  Yes, that’s right, I won my game!  My little warcaster and his jacks charged in (they’re the purple guys in this picture, I need to finish painting them) and were getting pummelled (one got completely wiped off the table) but then the other boys nearby recommended I cast some spells.  So my little warcaster stepped forward, threw some “flame spells” and I rolled the dice, and it went my way, hooray!  I still have no idea what I’m doing, really, but it’s fun to play and I am definitely finding some more enthusiasm for learning more.

(Proof that you’re a nerd: Rolling dice on a table against a dude in a Dr Who t-shirt, tee hee!  Love it)

We played a boardgame in the afternoon, and I really had a fun day.

After we got home and had some dinner, we decided to watch Captain America.  Guess what I did while we watched it?  I KNITTED!  I found up some random bits of yarn out of my stash, and some needles, and just started knitting a shape.  No pattern, once I have knitted this round shape I will have to work out what kind of a toy I want to turn it into.  I’ll take a progress photo when I’ve done a bit more.  It’s kind of fun to free range for now, because I still don’t really know what to do with all those unfinished knitting projects, and starting a new big project would have given me guilty feelings.  Oh, but one of the random bits of yarn I chose to use?  I pulled out a partially-knitted beanie, so there’s one less unfinished project I guess.

Tomorrow I’m going to ban myself from Facebook and games, and spend my time tidying the house a bit, perhaps some knitting, perhaps something else.  But I hope to use my time in meaningful ways, I’m actually looking forward to a day at home (well, home except for grocery shopping or any other things that come up that get me out of the house, such as … exercise!)

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, I’m enjoying mine.



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