Food Diary Discipline!


Keeping a proper true food diary this week at the urging of the personal trainer has definitely been a win!  I knew having a food diary and watching the calories was the best strategy, I’ve just been lazy about doing it, but this week I have had a reason to do it.  I need to keep it going, even without being asked by someone else, because – drum roll – I lost more than 1.5 kg this week (about 4 pounds) !!  Hooray!

Mr Graph says – downward trend is back, baby!




    • Thanks! Yes, tracking is doing me good! I was using MyFitnessPal for a while but found some features frustrating (database is not as comprehensive as I’d like, and many food servings are in ounces which is difficult for metric me). Because this food diary needs to be in a format that I can give a copy to the personal trainer I’ve gone back to using Excel (and pen/paper when not near a PC) and I think it’s working better for me. I might be heading away from the smart phone apps for this, for a while … we’ll see.

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