Sunday – Rest Day?


Well, today has certainly been a rest day for exercise – it’s nearly 9pm and my pedometer says only 5,347 steps.

Has today been a rest day though, in general?  I have put some loads of washing through the machine.  I have built my computer chair and am happily sitting on it as I type.  We did a bit of grocery shopping this afternoon, when I was SO close to crying “take away” and ended up having a lovely healthy lamb and salad meal.  It’s true, I didn’t make it to the gym, but I did just spend nearly two hours on study – just over an hour doing some reading for our group assignment, then a 45 minute chat session with other group members.

The group assignment is due in two weeks, and I have to say, it’s taken us two weeks to not get very far, it feels like.  But I think we can get there – I’m going to try hard to get some proper writing and research done this week.  One of the guys has been tasked with introduction and conclusion, so he is really relying on us to get our bits done in a timely manner!  It’s really a short time to get such a big project completed, but I guess that’s what group assignments are all about – getting it done despite all the noise, and hopefully with more than one voice the end product will be richer?

In other news I have recorded a good weight loss again this week (see my Weigh Ins page) and it is funny how mixed my feelings are.  I seem to have put extra pressure on myself this week because of the Personal Trainer setting goals for me.  I stressed about what I ate yesterday at Ikea and I don’t like that – I prefer to be able to enjoy things sometimes without the extra guilt, especially when I have been doing so well.  To be honest, I think doing these personal training sessions has been a good kick start into getting a bit more comfortable with weight training (which was the aim) but I am glad I am not planning to continue with it.  The food diary discipline is great, I’m going to keep that going – but I don’t like some of the feelings I’ve had this week, studying it and over-analysing it and worrying about what someone else might think of what I’ve eaten.

So yes, I’m not sure I would call Sunday a rest day for my brain!

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up and put my running clothes and shoes straight on and do 30 minutes of exercise.  This is my start on the Hal Higdon 30/30 plan that I linked to the other day.  As a reminder:

1. Walk out the door and go 15 minutes in one direction, turn around, and return 15 minutes to where you started: 30 minutes total.

2. For the first 10 minutes of your workout, it is obligatory that you walk: No running!

3. For the last 5 minutes of your workout, it is obligatory that you walk: Again, no running!

4. During the middle 15 minutes of the workout, you are free to jog or run–as long as you do so easily and do not push yourself.

5. Here’s how to run during those middle 15 minutes: Jog for 30 seconds, walk until you are recovered, jog 30 seconds again. Jog, walk. Jog, walk. Jog, walk.

6. Once comfortable jogging and walking, adapt a 30/30 pattern: jogging 30 seconds, walking 30 seconds, etc.

The idea is that if I do this for 30 days, I will be building up a much stronger kick off for my aim to one day be able to run 5 km without stopping!  Once I’ve done this I will go back to seeing if the Ease into 5K program has become more achievable for me.  Week three at the moment has me stumped (and stitched, and scared!)



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