Thursday: Getting Back Into It


Today I have eaten approximately 1,544 calories according to My Fitness Pal.  That’s right, I’ve decided to start using the App again to track things, as I haven’t been writing them down in my food diary.  I feel if I switch between the two that’s no big deal – the important thing is keeping track of what I am eating!  We also did some grocery shopping tonight so I’ve got a healthy breakfast and dinner organised for tomorrow night, and I’m going to bake bread for our lunch Saturday.

Today I ate:

  • Breakfast:  Bircher Muesli (from cafe, not home made) and Skim Latte
  • Lunch:  Subway Ham Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing, Coke Zero, 2 Licorice Bullets
  • Afternoon Snack:  one Tuna and Avocado Sushi Hand Roll
  • Dinner: Nando’s Vege Pita and a Frozen Yogurt Icy Stick
  • Plus:  Plenty of Water (but no Deliberate Exercise)

Tomorrow I am going to catch the train to work, which means extra walking.  After work Dave is going to catch tram into the city so we can go to Mind Games to have a look at some miniatures (okay, to buy miniatures) and then we’re going to walk back to his work where he’ll leave his car.  From Mind Games to Dave’s work is 2.5km so that’s a good stroll.

Saturday I am going to go to the gym and work on my essay.  Saturday night and Sunday will include dinner and a movie, then lunch with friends, I will try to make some good choices.  Although I confess I really want to go to the Pancake Parlour Saturday night and have a lazy pub lunch Sunday – chips included.  We’ll see.  Anyway, I’m finding some motivation again for moving more and eating the right things, and today felt like a bit of a kick-start to that.  Let’s see what the weekend brings!

It has been a little while since I posted any pictures on here.  There’s another pledge for my weekend, to endeavour to add some colour to my posts!



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