Preparation for Week 1 of the Fenix Transformation Challenge


Today we did some grocery shopping, and I did a bit of preparation ready to kick off tomorrow with good choices.

I’ve put together my bircher muesli for the next two mornings.  I’ve grated carrot and boiled eggs and shredded lettuce ready to make up wraps for Dave and I to take to work for lunch tomorrow.  There will be egg wraps for lunch on Tuesday, too.

Plotting my exercise for the week means that on Tuesday at 7:30pm I’m going to my first group training session at the gym as part of the FTC.  On Wednesday after work I’m going for my usual hour long walk with Cynthia, then grabbing a quick bite and going to the gym to get my “before” pictures taken and attend my first Sh’Bam class.

Whew!  Lots to plan and do, and Tuesday morning I need to be at work by 7:30am for a Toastmasters meeting!

After the information night last Thursday I contacted the Personal Training Manager via email to ask about needing to have  personal trainer assigned to me.  On Friday afternoon when I hadn’t heard back I called the gym and was advised that one has been assigned to me and he would be in touch by the next day.  Today I dropped into the gym to ask again about it, and they couldn’t tell me anything.  I kind of just want my book, my training and food diary, so that I can get started writing my goals in it and my food diary for tomorrow, but I am still getting the “he will contact you” response.  It’s a bit frustrating, I guess I will just use MyFitnessPal for my diary tomorrow and then transfer that when I get the book.  Hopefully it doesn’t ask for some information that I didn’t realise I had to keep track of!




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