New Personal Trainer = Wobbly Legs


Tonight I had my first Personal Training session with Ben.  Half an hour of weights training including lat pull downs, vertical chest presses, squats, rows …  Then he put me on an exercise bike for 20 minutes at the end of the session and left me to it, with instructions of where to target my heart rate and the RPM.  So 50 minutes of fun for the price of 30!

I found it rather effective, to the point that when I was leaving the gym via the stairs, my legs felt quite wobbly indeed.  I really do need to build up my leg strength, I know those squats are going to talk to me of pain for the next couple of days.  But I feel confident of improvement, and I like Ben’s manner, he is calm and easy but pushed me when I needed to be pushed.

So I’m going to catch up with him again each Monday night at 6:30pm during the 12 week challenge, and if all is going well, perhaps even longer.

Dave and I are both feeling really cheerful about our good week of nutrition and exercise that resulted in weight loss.  He has been on the exercise bike here at home tonight, and it helps me feel motivated to keep going.  We’re in a great head space for doing this, and we’re both in it at the same time, it’s very encouraging!



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