Personal Trainer Feedback on Food Diary


As already discussed, the food planning for week 2 was nowhere near as good as our food planning for week 1.  The personal trainer flicked through my food diary tonight, and these were his points of concern:

  • he recommended I have wraps at subway instead of subs
  • I had salted popcorn a couple of times, he was concerned about the salt
  • artificially sweetened soft drinks – he says it will just make me crave sugar more
  • lack of snacks a few times, long gaps between meals
  • potato salad with my dinner Saturday night
  • bananas – says they are high carb

Now, I had already looked at the salted popcorn and thought about the salt thing.  I know sugar-free soft drinks come with their own problems, but I still think it’s better than sugary ones.  But bananas?  Also, being concerned about what was a small amount of potato salad, when with that same meal I logged three large glasses of wine?

It’s funny seeing your food diary through someone else’s eyes.  I don’t really buy into this fear of carbohydrates, especially with something as nutritious and good as a banana.  Some of his points were very wise, but some made me sort of pause and want to question his logic.  Oh well!  Feedback is feedback, and as his hand writing is so terrible, perhaps I can pretend not to see some of his comments, haha!

Oh, and by the way, the personal training session really pushed me!  I KNOW my legs are going to hate me in the next couple of days!


PS – I went online and bought myself a tshirt with this on it, and it is due for delivery so close to my birthday I requested gift wrapping, hee hee!



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