Food Diary Thursday


I didn’t deliberately skip snacks yesterday, it is really busy at work, in the morning I had time to run out for a coffee and there were no healthy options in the cafe for food (mini muffins etc) and in the afternoon I travelled between work buildings and had more than two hours worth of meetings.

My egg sandwich at lunchtime was delicious.  We had Nando’s for dinner but I decided to go the ‘no carbs’ option.  Of course, I am amused to see that the salad I ate was higher in calories than a classic chicken wrap would have been, but never mind, it was full of good things.

Yes, that is Dave’s plate of chips in the background, and no I didn’t eat any!  I’m very happy with my food diary for Thursday, but I didn’t drink enough water yesterday – I will make sure that doesn’t happen today.




  1. ohhhh – I know it is not even 8 in the morning, but now I so badly want a classic chicken wrap meal….

    With your day time snacks, do you normally pack stuff to take with you or forage out and about? I found it really hard to plan ahead for little snacks for the day and either completely over catered, and had sooo much nibbles, or didn’t pack enough and would have to go out anyway.

  2. Hi,
    My trouble is that I forget and leave them at home! I have little 30g boxes of nuts & dried fruits, and today I was going to grab one of those and an apple, one for morning one for afternoon, but of course looked at the clock, ran out the door and have just now realised as I write this at my desk at work, that they are still at home! As I’m still cynical about the whole “eat every 3 hours or else your body stores more fat” thing, if I can’t ‘forage’ anything good, I’d rather go without, but we’ll see.

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