A New List Of Goals …


I am starting a new list of goals, including some different due dates, to keep me tracking along, and see how I go.

# “Category” Goal Due Date?
01  Study and Smart Stuff  Complete Assignment 1 (Essay) for subject PSS120 Introduction to Psychology 2  due April 1st
02  Study and Smart Stuff  Complete Assignment 2 (Lab Report) for subject PSS120 Introduction to Psychology 2  due May 6th
03  Study and Smart Stuff  Complete and achieve at least a Credit grade for subject PSS120 Introduction to Psychology 2  exam week begins May 28th
04  Study and Smart Stuff  Enrol in my next subject in May, which will be either PSY130 Organisational Behaviour, or COM15 Developing Research and Analytical Skills  May 13th
05  Study and Smart Stuff  Apply to be accepted into the Bachelor of Business (Psychology) course at Swinburne Uni  after I get PSS120 results
06  Health, Fitness and Weight  Complete the 12 week Fenix Transformation Challenge, and weigh 120kg or less  May 13th
07  Health, Fitness and Weight  Continue to work on jogging, and be able to complete the Cherry Lake circuit of 3.6km in less than 30 minutes  May 11th
08  Health, Fitness and Weight  Continue to go to Sh’Bam classes weekly and find other exercises / classes that I enjoy and will continue to do  Ongoing
09  Health, Fitness and Weight  Complete the 5km “Run Melbourne” fun run in less than 40 minutes  July 12th
10  Health, Fitness and Weight  Continue to use a Food Diary (electronic or handwritten) to track and log my nutrition and fitness  Ongoing
11  Hobby Projects / Voluteering  Continue to work on KOGO (Knit One Give One) items and complete at least five items for the campaign.  http://www.knitonegiveone.org/kogo.php?page=aboutus  unsure of due date, but my goal for five items is July 31st
12  Hobby Projects / Home Improvement  Sort out my unfinished knitting projects and piles of yarn!  April 30th
13  Home Improvement Go through our wardrobe and drawers and pack away, give away or throw out unworn clothes as we are running out of space!  April 30th



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