Study Struggles


How do you motivate yourself when you’re feeling a bit bored with your studies?  At the moment I am doing my fourth subject for an undergraduate degree, which is going to take me years to complete.  This is the second half of Introduction to Psychology, and the readings are actually interesting enough.  But the assignment I need to get done by next week is just so very, very horrid and dull.  The topic is dull, the reading I need to do for it is dull, and I am struggling to motivate myself even to start.  This is not good, as there are years of this degree stretching ahead of me, and I wonder if I will run into walls like this regularly – I suspect that I might.  The information is not always going to keep my interest.

I have also just remembered that I am doing a Toastmaster speech on Tuesday.  I should have prepared it, practised it, and be ready to present it.  None of this has happened.  Last time (CC01) this worked out okay for me, but this speech, CC02 is supposed to be about structuring a speech properly.  So winging it will not really be the right way to do this, but again, I’m struggling with motivation.  What is wrong with me?

This study, and public speaking practice, are things that I have put my hand up for.  Voluntary.  Nobody is making me do this, I have made the decision to take on these ‘self improvement’ tasks.  But I guess that doesn’t mean I am not going to have moments where I question why.  Why am I giving myself extra busy-work, what has brought me to this point?  An interest in learning, a desire to change things, a wish to be better at something.  I’ll pick myself up shortly and keep on going.  But tonight the heater is on, I am feeling a little bit tired, and I really just cannot be bothered.




  1. Can’t help you with this one…. I’d be doing the same thing as you. But I like what readytochangenow said… envision what your end goal will be. Hopefully that will help you get through your “very horrid and dull” project. 🙂 Just think – once you’re done with it, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishment! So enjoy your heater tonight, and vow to focus tomorrow!

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