When I was at school I had a timetable that told me which classroom to be in, at what time, and what I would be learning.

In previous roles that I have held in my career, I have had daily task lists, or very distinct lists of tasks that must be completed each day in order to move forward and get things done.

Now I am in the type of role where things change all the time, some deadlines are many weeks or months away, and I never feel like there is much structure.  Nobody is structuring my day and telling me what needs to happen, and when it comes to food and exercise and my social life I am starting to find this is creeping in.

Once I was highly organised, and I don’t feel that way at the moment.  My friend is coming to visit tonight and my house is a mess, and I haven’t really thought about what to do when I get home tonight but I need to wash dishes, cook dinner, get my brain sorted out.  She doesn’t need to walk into the craziness, but she will, and she’ll cope because she loves me.  Wednesday night we’re going out to see Kimbra sing and are yet to make actual plans for meeting up with people and eating and all of that.  This is very unusual for me.  Also on Friday I’m going to Penny’s to watch movies with the girls and probably eat take away.

Where in all this am I planning my exercise and groceries so that I eat properly?  Where in all this am I planning to clean my house and get myself organised and make sure I’m keeping on top of my homework?  (exam is on May 31)

This needs to happen.  I may need to start a time table for myself, plot out my time and my plans and my life a little bit, provide myself with some structure.  Because I’m a grown up now, and nobody is going to hand this to me already filled out and stand over me until I obey and go to class like a good student.




  1. I can totally relate. Sometimes I feel like the world is spinning wildly around me, and I can’t keep up. A lot of times I feel so overwhelmed with things to do, that I literally do nothing. Then I stress because it’s not getting done – so it’s a vicious circle. I feel best when I FINALLY just do the tasks, so why do I put them off? Shouldn’t I want to feel the relief of having them done? (Yes, but not enough to actually do them sometimes. 🙂 )
    So I totally understand, but I also know that you need to really focus on the important things, like your health. Make sure you’re getting those things accomplished. Then you’ll know that at least one part of your life is organized and running smoothly.

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