This Week …


We had Dave’s family Mother’s Day dinner tonight and I ate lots of food including cheesecake for dessert.  Because I was away overnight I did not weigh myself this morning, so tomorrow morning I am going to weigh in and I expect to be heavier.  So this is the point where I put my food down and say:  “No more!”

This week:

  • I bought groceries today and planned our dinner for the next few nights to reduce our reliance on take away junk food
  • My food diary is going to be kept properly, and I will estimate and count calories as best I can, and stop over eating
  • Tomorrow night (Monday) I will go to the gym and get on the treadmill and perhaps play with some weights as well
  • I will go to Sh’Bam class on Wednesday night

Do you remember I booked in for Run Melbourne 5km fun run all those months ago?  Well, that is now only about two months away – 15th July – and the weather is only going to get colder!  So no more whining about it, I have this gym membership and I need to use it properly.  Jogging intervals are needed, and I need to start improving on them, more jogging less walking.

Also …  this week I am going to attempt burpees.  That’s right, I refuse to do burpees as a punishment from a personal trainer, but I have been challenged by some friends on Fitocracy (it’s a group challenge, they didn’t personally say to me:  ‘Sandi, do some burpees or else’) and I am going to give it a crack.  Let’s see what happens there.  The challenge is for everyone to see how many burpees they can do in a single session, and also to time how long those take.  First step for me:  to see if I can do just one!



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