Monday Check In


If I check in and report on how things are going, that will help me keep on track this week.  Difficult to see long term goals lately, so I am going to take this in small bits, and be content with small achievements.  Although I didn’t get to the gym, I did make time to exercise, and I did watch everything that I ate and drank today – at least two litres of water plus the following:

Breakfast Vaalia low fat Strawberry & Raspberry yogurt 140
  Multigrain Porridge 152
  Apple Puree with Strawberry 91
Morning Tea Skim Latte with Equal 120
Lunch Egg Wrap

(wholemeal wrap, 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, carrot, mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard)

Dinner pan fried Basa Fish Fillet 213
  Corn Cob 95
  Broccoli, steamed 27
  2 slices White Bread & Butter 189
  Hot Chocolate 135
Dessert Skinny Cow Vanilla Caramel Sundae 105
  1,690 Total
Cycling (exercise bike) 30 mins, 15.3km
Heart rate average 130bpm

Yes, I tried to do a burpee.  I made Dave watch and tell me if it looked like a burpee – the look on his face was very very funny.  He was trying to work out how to tell me that it did not, without making me feel mocked, but I was already mocking myself before I even stopped.  I struggled to kick my legs back behind me and up again.  So that might be something I have to practice without going flat to the ground for a little while!  Perhaps use the ottoman thingy or a kitchen chair?  I can try mountain climbers the same way for a little while – get the cardio benefit without quite getting the ‘strength’ workout that a full burpee or mountain climber can achieve.  It is very amusing trying to do things you haven’t attempted since you were a child.




  1. Ok…. I have never heard of a “burpee”… please explain. 🙂 Your daily food intake looks awesome! You were able to fit in a few treats, so I would think you didn’t feel deprived of anything…. would you agree?

  2. I think I have done those at school when I was a kid but I forgot about them until now loll At first when I started to do my exerbeat routine husband took a video of me in the hip hop part of it and I saw it long after….it wasn’t pretty I am telling you! But kinda funny. So we might look weird but at least we are trying 🙂

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