I Must Train for Run Melbourne


Run Melbourne is on July 15th which means I have committed to trying to run 5 kilometres in less than two months.  I am going to set my alarm for 5:30am and try to convince myself that I must get out of bed and go for a shuffle-jog despite the dark and cold.  I don’t know if I can do it, but it is something I need to push myself to try to start doing regularly or I will never get there.  Many of my ‘self improvement’ projects feel like I am too quickly sliding backwards lately.

I am struggling to feel motivated at work, and it is being noticed by others.  I am struggling to feel motivated to eat well, and tonight after dinner Dave and I halved a packet of vanilla oreo cookies.  I am struggling again, after having a good week last week.  I feel like I am on a see-saw!




  1. J is completely right. You just gotta do it, and get the circle started. You’ll feel better about yourself, so your mood will improve. And once you start seeing changes you’ll be more motivated to keep going. You can do this!!! We’re all behind you – virtually kickin’ you out of bed and out the door. 🙂

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