I first heard of a FitBit when reading and Julie spoke of her new FitBit (the one she got after her first one went for a swim!).  I also have been reading and Mark regularly posts his FitBit statistics.  So I had a look around and discovered that they are not actually sold in Australia and forgot about it.  Recently, however, I was reading an article that confirmed that Amazon will ship them here and so I decided to bite the bullet, and my FitBit arrived in the post today.

I have configured it and created my account, and tomorrow morning I will take it off the charger and start wearing it.  This little piece of plastic will replace the pedometer and track the following things:

  • steps walked
  • floors climbed
  • kilometres travelled
  • calories burned
  • provide an active score
  • sleep – that’s right, my sleep!

It is synchronised with a website where I can also track what I’m eating, any other activity and I’m hoping this novelty will keep me going for a little while.  I’ll let you know what it tells me.



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