Sunday Check In


So I got on the scale this morning and I’m back to 133 kg – which is great.  But I also am aware that I keep going yo-yo lately.  A graph of my weight over the time I have been keeping this blog shows that although the long term trend is going down, I am jumping around a bit.  Not really an issue if I could trust myself to stick to the trend – but I do feel that I need to concentrate more on what I am doing day to day, and week to week.  My long term weight goal is still 60 kilograms away, which is nothing to sniff at.  Nothing to relax about, when you consider we’d like to go overseas next year and there are other things I would like to plan which this obese body will make difficult.

Today is Sunday, which is traditionally a bit of a lazy day in our house.  So far this morning I have washed some dishes and some clothes, knitted a little whilst watching Alien for the first time, and baked a loaf of bread in the breadmaker which we just ate for lunch (I limited myself to two large slices with some vegetable soup – wow I love fresh bread).  It has been a pyjama day so far however, so once Dave is out of the shower it is my turn, and then we’re heading to the shops to grab some bits and pieces.  We really are not good at doing a full week of grocery shopping at a time, but that’s okay, so long as we get there and don’t fall back on take away again.

My FitBit is not tracking much activity today, but I am remaining relaxed about it.  Tomorrow is a public holiday (Queen’s birthday long weekend) and so I am pledging that I will go to the gym for the first time in too long.  This is a habit I need to get back into, both for my health and to justify the money they are debiting from my account every month!





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