Today I Eat Right


Chocolate every day.  Pizza, fish and chips, other junk food meals.  Daily.  This needs to stop.

This morning I have cooked myself porridge with fruit and yogurt for breakfast.  I am going to log everything I eat into My Fitness Pal.  I am going to pay attention to the FitBit and try to be more active throughout the day, and although I’m to go straight from work to Good Games to roll dice with the boys, I am going to go for a quick walk in between around some city blocks.  Weather permitting.  I know, it sounds a cop out, but although it will be cold and windy today there is apparently little chance for rain, so I should be good to go.

My knitting projects are all growing.  I am going to finish a project this weekend that had been troubling me – I think I mentioned it in a previous blog entry.  I finished all the knitting then couldn’t work out how to put it together properly so I sat it aside and waited for help.  Mum was here Tuesday night and pinned some pieces together and showed me.  So very soon I will be able to post away this gift, and then not long after that, put a picture up on the blog for proof that I can finish things!  If finishing my hobby projects is the only self-improvement I can show you this winter, that is something at least.

I have started the Certificate iv in Celebrancy, and now that work has calmed down I am going to get stuck into the study for that.  Yes, this means that in six months or so I could be applying to be a qualified celebrant!  I could potentially marry people, plus preside over other ceremonies such as baby naming, funerals, etc.  Some friends that I have told this to think funerals would be the most difficult, but part of me thinks that might be where my strengths could be.  I’m not sure yet – study first!  It’s fairly relaxed study compared to the university stuff I was doing, no word limits on projects, just write how much you think you want to, and they mark you ‘competent’ or ask you to add a little more.

Oh!  My last subject that I did, PSS120 Introduction to Psychology 2, I got my result back, and it’s 71%, a Credit!  I’m so happy and relieved – I knew I wasn’t going to get as good a mark for that one because I wasn’t really putting the effort in, so I am really pleased with the result.  That means I have four subjects behind me now and can apply to enter the Bachelor of Behaviour (psychology) degree.  So in the next semester or so I’m going to get stuck back into that, depending how this celebrancy thing is going.  I think I will be able to do them in parallel though, depending on how work is going.




  1. The day I started my weight loss journey, I had looked in the mirror, saw a person I didn’t recognize, and thought, “I do not want to continue being this way.” And from that day forward I was determined to lose the weight. Not that I didn’t have setbacks along the way… not that it was easy by any means… but I was determined. Perhaps this is the day for you! It’s definitely not easy, but if you’re determined, you’ll pick yourself up after your setbacks and continue on. There’s a whole bunch of us out here supporting you! 🙂

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