I Need a Re-Boot


My brain is not working properly.  I want to eat and eat and eat.  I want to sit and sit and sit (and knit).  If my PC was lagging this badly I would switch it off and on a few times …  reboot!

I really don’t have much to tell you, but I feel that I need to write a blog post and try to get myself back on track.  Tomorrow I’d like to keep a food diary properly, and also to see if I can get a bit more activity into my day.

Tomorrow morning I’m giving another Toastmasters speech.  Yesterday I started creating a hand knitted monster toy.  Here is what I have done so far:

Self improvement.  Got to get me some of that.  I’ll post something tomorrow night to tell you how it went!




  1. You know, sometimes when you’re on a diet, you spend so much time thinking about food, that you actually tend to crave it more. Maybe you can trick your mind into not thinking it’s on a diet by looking at it in a different light. Instead of thinking about what you can’t have, you can think about what you CAN have. If you actually try to eat all the servings of fruits/veggies/grains/meats/dairy that you are supposed to I think you’d be surprised about how often and how much you have to eat.
    I like that you haven’t given up yet. And I admire that you’re so truthful! Keep tryin’ and good luck with the Toastmaster’s speech!

    P.S. Love the knitted monster toy!

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