I remember at school, being encouraged to be creative.  In between Maths, Science and Geography came Art, Textiles and Home Economics.  In between writing essays and analysing newspaper articles for English came creative writing.  I have been working for many years now, and every now and then something comes along and I am suddenly able to be creative and I love it.  At the moment my organisation is trying to look at new ways of doing things, and adopting a Kaizen philosophy and culture – I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but here is a link to a bit of information about Kaizen:

I am helping some people put together a quarterly Kaizen “Bulletin” for our department to promote Kaizen, share current initiatives under way, and the other day I got some ideas about how to help make it an appealing document that people will want to read, click on links and for it to be colourful and appealing.  One of the other guys started suggesting we add webcasts and other fancy things to it, and suddenly we were being creative.  We work in a financial organisation, and to be able to play with pictures and graphics and colour was so refreshing.  I even found myself playing with it at home – and I generally avoid bringing work home at all costs!

Toastmasters has allowed me to be a little more creative, too, as my speech topics are really up to me.  It has had my brain working in a different way, and all this recent creativity has reminded me how much I enjoy creative writing.  I remembered bragging to my Mum that I would write a novel some day, as she read her Mills & Boon romances I scoffed and said “I could write one of those”.  Me, with very little romance in my life at the time, such arrogance!  But it has my brain buzzing a little lately, remembering that brag – that I would write and potentially be published some day.

Creativity, creative dreams – I enjoy my hobbies, and that monster I knitted recently was done without a pattern.  But I struggle for ideas much of the time, when I try to force creativity – I love to write and scribble and draw but none of it is taken seriously by me.  I wonder what is waiting to be hatched inside my brain?

Maybe I’m just listening to too much The Trouble with Templeton …



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  1. I would definitely peg you as the creative type. From the way you wear your hair (which I love!), and the way your house is decorated, and your knitting projects…. all show what a creative person you are! But you’re right. It’s hard to force creativity. It just comes naturally.
    I command too much perfection from myself to be creative. You are not afraid to take risks. That’s the difference between us. I’d love to have a little part of your creativity!

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