Saturday Morning Musings


I have been very busy at work this week – we are now one week away from the Disaster Recovery test that I have been pouring so much time into planning.  This meant presenting the same briefing session for test participants eight times at three different locations, none of them my regular office.  I have a new colleague who has been seconded to help us for at least six weeks and only two weeks in he is proving really helpful and lovely.  After sitting with me as I presented the briefing seven times he expressed an interest in presenting it himself and so on Friday afternoon I sat with him as he walked test participants through the slide pack and explained the key parts of the Disaster Recovery test.

I have been going to Toastmasters, as you know, and brushing up my public speaking skills, but these are not my true weakness.  What I have been wondering, in my preference for speaking off the cuff, is whether I can present the same material twice, and remember what I need to say and how I need to say it.  So this week has been a good way to practice that, and think about where I might not be doing this very well.  But one of my biggest struggles is with sharing and stepping back when it is someone else’s turn to speak.  With my colleague presenting the information I had put together and looking to me every now and then to fill the gaps, I found myself having to cut myself off from speaking and hand back over to him, and it was really hard!  Especially after seven times I just wanted to jump straight back in again.  So this is a development point for me, and something I need to think of ways to continue to practice.

It is the weekend, and I haven’t drawn a picture for my 30 day challenge for a couple of days.  I am okay with this, I want the challenge to be fun, not a chore.  So with a few things to do I think I will pick it up again on Monday morning.

Health, food, fitness, weight loss, these are the things that I am still making time for on Monday and Tuesday and then falling off the wagon mid-week.  I need to work on my will power and my momentum!  I read this article today which I liked for the balanced view it presents:

Anyway, the next couple of weeks will continue to be crazy busy with work, and so I just need to push myself a little harder and try not to be so weak when it comes to all the snacks and chocolates and take away options being thrown my way!



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