Weight Tracking


The page where I track my weight was having technical difficulties this morning, and I thought perhaps the table was getting too long.  So I split it into “Year 1” and “Year 2”.  This also serves another purpose – I’ve been becoming complacent about putting a couple of kilograms back on, because I could always see that I had a negative number on the “weight loss since beginning” statistic.  So now I have reset that clock as of the beginning of August this year, and I can see that the difference in my weight from the beginning of August until this morning is a positive number – that is, a gain.  This is motivating me.  I don’t want to get all the way back up to 150 kg and then realise that I have been taking comfort in that negative number for way too long.

My next mini-goal is to get that number back into the negatives.  It will take a few weeks, but then I am going to set another little goal, and push myself to keep going.



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