30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day Twenty Seven “Something Disgusting and Repulsive”


Today I was walking around the streets of South Melbourne and as I went to cross the road, a man spat on the footpath right in front of me.  Huge, horrific splat.  He wasn’t directing it at me, I don’t even think he realised I was there, but it was so revolting I felt a bit ill.  I didn’t want to draw that, of course, but I thought I would draw a kid flicking boogers.  That’s pretty gross.

What a horrible little kid, seriously.  I hope someone disciplines him.

Look at him.  Just my luck I have drawn my future child.  🙂



1 Comment

  1. Both of those things gross me out. As a mom of 4 and a previous teacher, I’ve seen lots of gross stuff come out of kids noses and mouths. My own kids didn’t make me as sick as seeing other kids snotty noses or booger picking. Yuck.
    Love the knobby knees on your kid. Cute, albeit gross, pic!

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