A post from my phone and my bed!


I don’t generally post from my phone so may need to do a tidy up edit tomorrow. But I wanted to stick to my daily checking in this week. This morning my weight was down again – I’m still mistrustful of the numbers. It is as though I feel okay about weekly weighing myself and believing the scale, but daily to jump around so much seems suspicious. Another kilogram gone in a day? Bull dust!

Today I ate approx 1,900 calories, walked a little but could have been more. Tomorrow I have some challenges. Due to some testing stuff at work, I will be starting work at midnight. This means I have to work out when to have a long nap tomorrow, I am not someone who is able to sleep much during the day unless unwell. I will finish work at about 8am Saturday morning and then on Saturday it is meant to reach 38 degrees Celsius when I am trying to sleep. Then I’m not sure how to work out my sleep because I again start work 10pm Sunday through to about 4am Monday.

Anyway I’ll check in here and let you know how I get on! Last challenge will be that these kind of nights full of technology guys testing and working are catered with lots of junk food so I will need to combat those temptations too!

Good night!



  1. I never work overnight, but I often switch from having to wake at 3am for work some days to not even getting to bed til 1am on other days. Difficult to adjust!
    As far as the temptations for junk food overnight – bring your own snacks! Go in strong and when the urge to cave into the cravings hits – eat an apple, or light popcorn – or whatever healthy snack you want. You can do this! You’re down a few kilos already! Keep the trend going – even if you’re mistrustful of the numbers. You got this!

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