All I Want to do is Knit!


When I am at work I am thinking about knitting.  When I am at home, I knit, but also I review Ravelry constantly.  I have signed up for Nerd Wars, and I watch the Forums and comment, and look at Patterns and yes, I still keep going online and buying yarn.  All I want to do is knit and think about knitting and plan knitting!

I’m still plotting projects for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which isn’t until May, and so at the moment I am making “Tea Time Tilly” which is an Alan Dart pattern.  I have knitted all the pieces of the teapot, and am now knitting “Tilly”, the waitress rabbit.  I don’t much like the plate of cakes she is holding in the pattern, so my Tilly will have both arms by her sides.  I also really like the colours used in the original pattern but wanted my teapot to be brighter, so I used a varigated yarn I had in my stash to achieve this.


I look forward to showing you the finished object soon.  I’ve been enjoying knitting this very much, but I know when it comes time to sew it all up that will slow me down, it really is my least favourite part of any project, even though I like seeing something take its final shape.

Editing this post to add a link to a pattern so you can see what I am making:




  1. You gotta take the good (knitting) with the bad (sewing) I suppose. I totally understand your obsession with knitting. For me it’s cupcakes. Before that it was bowling. Seems when I love something I want to do it ALL the time.
    I linked over to your final product. I love it and can’t wait to see yours come together!

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