Feeling Down


It is a little while between blog posts, and I do apologise.  It is just difficult to post in a blog labelled “Self Improvement” when you are unsure if you are improving anything much.  I have had some feedback at work which is making me doubt myself and second guess every behaviour I might be showing.  Dave has been unwell and is going to resign from his job tomorrow, as the stress of constantly being unhappy at work has added to anxiety and depression.  It has continued to be very warm, right now still very warm and close to bed time which means unrestful sleep.

This is not all about the complaints, though, I assure you.  These things are all just things that are going on, my life is not all dreary.  I just know that I have not been eating well, have not taken time to exercise, and that makes me embarrassed to write in my blog some days, haha!  what I can show you is that apart from adding some facial features, I finished knitting a chimpanzee:



Also when I was at work today enjoying the air conditioning, Dave sent me this picture of Mr Biscuit to prove how hot it was at home:

kitty hot


Cute kitties make everything feel better, right?



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  1. I THINK I remember what it’s like to feel hot. Right now I’m freezing, so I kinda wish I was in your shoes.
    Your chimpanzee is just adorable! Remember when you had difficulty finishing projects, and now here you are finishing quite a few! That’s an improvement! 🙂
    I wish Dave the best of luck with his plans. My hubby went through the same kind of stresses at work. Sometimes money isn’t everything. Hopefully he’ll find a job that he enjoys. Good luck with your job as well. It’s no fun having feelings of self-doubt. I know.
    Mr. Biscuit has the right idea on how to keep cool. lol Too cute.

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